Director of Operations, Partner

Randy started in the restaurant industry as a busboy in Rochester, NY at the age of 15. By high school graduation he won high school business person of his class, and was a banquet waiter and bartender. Randy attended Alfred state college and received his Associates Degree in Business Administration.

After college, he was the first manager of the Penny Arcade in upstate NY. He then spent two years at Valley Steakhouse, and then started his career in Wendy’s in October, 1977 as a Manager Trainee. He was a General Manager by 1979, and a District Manager a year later.

In 1984, Randy became a Director of Operations (DAO) in Erie, PA, and the following year a DAO in Cleveland, OH. In 2014, he became DAO for Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY. In March, 2016 he became a proud member of the MUY team.