Director of Operations, Partner

Mr. Hays is currently the Director of Area Operations for the 18 Wendy’s restaurants MUY Hamburger Partners L.L.C. acquired in Dec. 2012. Mr. Hays has 35 years in the Wendy’s system, joining the Wendy’s family as a crew member at the Baylor Wendy’s owned by the Jor-Lo Company in June 1978.   Mr. Hays held various positions with Jor-Lo and was promoted to Director of Operations for their five locations in July of 1988. Under Hays’s direction three units were added, and in 1993 they received the both the Western Region Wendy Award and the Western Region Sparkle award for their Killeen, Tx. location.  Jor-Lo’s eight locations were sold to CTW, L.L.C., in December 1997. Mr. Hays joined CTW as their Director of Operations and led the development of ten additional locations between 1997 and 2006. Again, under Mr. Hays’s leadership, CTW received the 2008 Western Region Wendy Award and the Baylor location was the 2008, Western Region Sparkle winner, recognized as one of the fourteen best restaurants in the Wendy’s system .

Along the way Mr. Hays was promoted to Vice President of Operations and then finally President and CEO of CTW, L.L.C., the position he held when CTW was acquired by Muy Hamburger Partners in December 2012.